Is it really Bitcoin?

Sylvain Cloutier
2 min readJan 31, 2021


My experience with crypto & Bitcoin over the last 2+ years

Getting started with Bitcoin looks really easy right!? I mean it seems a lot more influencers are talking about it in mainstream social medias. They (influencers) just need to put #Bitcoin in their profile and you suddenly see the price going up! Even better, you might see a coin making its way in the top 10 without any fundamental value, but instead, bets or speculation, or both. No one is really sure at this point.

This takes me back to 2018, yes 2018. I have not been in crypto for that long, however, it seems I keep learning everyday, which is great. I was initially introduced to crypto and at that given time, forex, by a friend involved in Forex/Crypto trading company. That being said, I was seeing crypto & bitcoin from a “trading” perspective. It is still the case for 90%+ of people in crypto at this point.

First you explore Bitcoin (BTC), then Ethereum, then maybe….XRP?…I mean this is what you are exposed to by most crypto medias, exchanges etc…

Since everyone is talking about the Bitcoin “whitepaper”, I was like, I should probably read it, or at least have a quick look into it.

You start reading important concepts such as Peer-to-peer electronic cash system, “we define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures” and many more…

Then, shortly after I got involved in Bitcoin, I heard about “forks”. Yes, I entered the market just before the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV split.

Then you are like, what is going on? Is there not just one Bitcoin? Furthermore, I got even more confused with “hash wars”, protocol changes, Segwit etc..

and you keep learning about Bitcoin…

One is “digital gold”, the other is peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world and the other is a FRAUD (SCAM). Well, that’s what mainstream crypto seems to suggest. Oh, and I forgot crypto twitter, this never ending “truth vehicle” about everything crypto.

Now you are really confused….

This was kind of a long intro, short recap about my “early” experience with Bitcoin, stuck between multiple messages, opinions, ideologies…

Now, two and half years later, I have become less and less focused about trading and more about long term value. Ultimately, Bitcoin should be a mean of empowering the entire world to hope for a better future.

Is Bitcoin truly about 5–12$ fees? Is it about being “digital god” I mean “gold”? Is it about partnering with Wall street and large investment funds? In my next article, I will cover which ideology seems to carry the truth about what Bitcoin should really be!

in the mean time “number may go up”…



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