Twetch, a social media platform on the blockchain

Sylvain Cloutier
3 min readMar 26, 2020


Are we noticing a new era of social media platforms? This might be the case. A social media where you are not the product of the product? What?... If you are still unaware, mainstream social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter generate their revenues from selling your data and from ad revenue.

Now in this blog, I wanted to review “Twetch”, a social media platform buit on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.

What is Twetch?

A social media platform that looks just like “Twitter” which allows you to generate revenues from your posts and followers with micro-transactions in BSV (Bitcoin SV). I am not going to do into details, but you do need a wallet connected to the application in order to conduct the transactions (i.e Money Button or RelayX)

Once on the platform, you can simply add your posts using the “+” button. Share your ideas and content & Voilà, it is available for people to see. You will also earn BSV from getting followers, obtaining likes and branch (re-tweets).

Who is it for?

It is mostly used by crypto enthusiasts, maximalists, developers etc.. at the moment, but it is starting to get popular with a lot of artists and influencers since they can generate revenues from the platform, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter.

However, if you are a content creator (blog, video etc…), involved in crypto or simply want to connect and have fun, it is for you. It is for everyone really!

My opinion?

Honestly, I really like the platform. It allows you to get rewarded for sharing your content, and, it is on the blockchain. There is a ton of different content. Here are just a few examples.


Pros: Get rewarded for your content, Community is focused on crypto (& BSV of course), Tweet and Auto-Tweet from Twetch

Cons: No apps at the moment, no messaging feature (coming soon), limited number of people on the platform

How do YOU get started?

Twetch has recently gone to “public beta”, so If you have a friend who is on Twetch, ask him/her for a referral link. That way, you will already have BSV in your wallet for your first transaction (post). If I am your only friend, you can have access to the platform by clicking here.

You can also head over to the website, and request access. Remember you will need a MoneyButton or RelayX account to sign up. This will take care of your transactions.

Check out my video review here!!!



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