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Sylvain Cloutier
2 min readMar 1, 2020


First of all, I am new to blogging on medium(and not afraid of admitting it). I am passionate about cryptocurrencies and the many (I mean lots) projects that are out there. I was introduced to cryptocurrencies from a friend introducing me to Forex trading summer of 2018. Since I did not know what Forex even was…I said…is this Bitcoin trading? lol

Long story short, I started learning about Forex trading, but my real passion was in cryptocurrencies. I was staying late watching YouTube videos (if that’s even a good thing lol?)… reading blogs about it etc…

What is next?

After a few weeks, I decided to start investing in it! Found an exchange here in Canada, downloaded the app…and bam…first transaction :) This is where it really started.

I then developed a passion for online businesses…affiliate marketing etc…I have invested money for courses, posted on pretty much all social medias…yet it is extremely difficult to get an audience and get things off the ground. Maybe it was my strategy of trying to post everywhere.

Now, since I have been going hard at it since, let’s say, summer 2019…I feel tired about posting everywhere! The first platform that I got sick from is Facebook. “Doing an online business does not have to be hard, if you are struggling is because you don’t have the proper system”…yeah right…

I am at the stage of identifying what I love the most…I mean passion because I think this is the only way ahead if I want to enjoy posting online and building my brand…Affiliate Marketing is awesome, but crypto, this is where my heart is at. I see a lot of potential with the block chain technology and I would like to promote the benefits to people so we can build a better society in general.

This is just a few things going through my head right now with the future of my online business, #AccelerateYourLife which is in Affiliate/Network Marketing.

I know this is a quick overview of what I have done so far….and maybe you don’t understand all of it, but let me know what you think when it comes to working online/following your passion. Have an awesome day

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